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Company: Courthouse Academy
Contact Person: Julie Salmon
Phone Number: 757-368-0368
Street Address: 3217 Monet Dr
City: Virginia Beach
State: Virginia
Zip Code: 23453
Job Description/Title: Spanish teacher/Assistant teachers
Job Details: Courthouse Academy is a Spanish Immersion School for ages infant-second grade. The school is designed for English speaking students to become bilingual in Spanish, but it is also a great program for native Spanish speaking children to become fluent in English.
Each classroom has two teachers, one teaches in English, the other communicates and teaches the children strictly in Spanish.
Teachers must have a college degree.
The applicant does not have to be fluent in English.
The demand for this type of education is growing. Come be a part of an exciting and cutting-edge school.
Applicant must be a vibrant team player, have a love of children, and a desire to improve their lives. The applicant is required to be reliable and punctual.
Criminal background and Child Protective Services checks will be required..

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